Save slot 1 appears to be damaged

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Weird bug, probably a 1/100,000 chance of happening. .... Now, when I load the " damaged save file", it puts me back without equipment near ...

All of a sudden i got a message saying my SD card is damaged and I have to reformat ... That's the only way you can save you micro sd card but either way you will lose everything. ... 04-03-2013 10:20 AM. Like 0. Tushar Gundev's Avatar. 1 ... The sd slot is barely even held onto the phone, it's been shoddily ... Dead Space 3 How to fix damaged save file - YouTube Dead Space 3 How to fix damaged save file ... Save slot appears to be damaged and cannot be used Dead space 3 Fix this problem for me please No surveys No ads No bullshit. Game Broken RAM slot? Help, please! | Tom's Hardware Forum

2014-12-15 · Hello all "Damaged Save game" - I needed to reinstall game fully because of some problems on my computer After installing game again,i tried putting Saves where they should be. When i entered the game,Story > "Damaged Save game" Whats the problem? How can i fix it? I even tried searching for some Saves on internet and tried them too,but also didn't work

- Use * to delete numbers that appear on the display. If * is entered before selected code, a [ -] will appear rather than the number as a security feature. Using a Credit Card . 1. To lock the safe: Slide any credit card firmly from right to left with the magnetic strip down; [CLOSED] will appear on the display and the safe will be locked. 2. Taking Advantage of the Nikon D7200's Two-Card System ...

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Galaxy Note 8 :How do I backup my device data on external 2019-5-16 · FAQ for Samsung MOBILE. Find more about 'Galaxy Note 8 :How do I backup my device data on external storage?' with Samsung Support. This PS4 Error Will Corrupt Your Save Files and Make Your 2014-1-21 · Imagine the scenario: you've successfully managed to save the last human, slaughter the entire Helghan population, and plunder your way through every … 7 Solutions: SD Card Is Blank or Has Unsupported File System

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2017-1-19 · I tried to restart it to get out of safe mode but the apps still doesn't work until the notification shows "DAMAGED SD CARD". I did the "CHKDSK" on CMD but still it doesn't work. "How to repair DAMAGED SD CARD? It always appears after I accidentally turn my phone into safe mode?? I'm afraid to reformat it" ... 1; Android Smartphones. I.